publish your hoodle files on the web

One of the newest potential killer features of hoodle is that hoodle can have hyperlinks to other hoodle documents. Recently, I made a utility called hoodle-publish for publishing hoodle files to pdf files preserving the links. hoodle-publish takes a directory as an argument and transforms all the hoodle files in the directory recursively to pdf files and interlinks files by URL with a designated URL base. One can install it simply by
> cabal install hoodle-publish
It is currently a separate command line utility (Later, this will also be incorporated into a submenu in hoodle main program ), so that one can use it by
 > hoodle-publish (urlbase) (hoodledir) (pdfdir)  

where (urlbase) is the URL base for the publication, (hoodledir) is the directory in which hoodles files to be published are present, and (pdfdir) is the directory to which generated pdf files will be located. The source code can be found at

The implementation of this feature became possible thanks to an excellent pdf manipulating library pdf-toolbox. Thank Yuras.

For the sake of presentation, my wife made a sample hoodle publication. Check the URL link in the previous sentence. It’s about our cute cat Sasha.

Hoodle is now the simplest publishing program with your own handwriting. Now you can publish articles, doodles, free-form documents and whatever with your unique character. One may use it as a personal diary or blog, or a personal quick-scratch information database in a wiki-like form as one wishes.


p.s. I also plan to implement publishing hoodle directly to html. Tagging and some other useful features are under consideration. Stay tuned!